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New Creation Christian Academy is a fully accredited private Christian academy that offers a wide range of academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities to Elementary,Middle and High School students.  Our students receive high-quality instruction from well-qualified teachers, while our parents maintain their God-given roles as the primary influencers and decision makers in their children’s lives. Our students are trained in a loving and caring environment with teachers and staff who work closely with the parents as the students become acclimated to the University model® schedule.

High School

NCCA's High School (grades 9-12) offers college-preparatory Christian education to families wishing to maintain and strengthen the bond between students and parents. We are a University Model® school that helps students prepare for a smooth transition to college while remaining connected with family as they move toward responsible adulthood. Our courses include all core subjects, as well as AP and Honors classes and a variety of electives. 

NCCA's Academic Counselor will work with families to ensure students are taking the necessary classes for graduation, college admission, and for qualification for the HOPE Scholarship. Additionally, NCCA offers school wide trips in the Spring to enhance the curriculum as well as offering opportunities for amazing educational experiences.

Middle School Academy

The Middle School Academy (grades 6-8) concept that NCCA has created is a unique way to help students prepare for high school and college. Each grade level has the core subjects as well as Literature, Bible and Foreign Language Exploration. Students attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and complete coursework at home.

Additionally, the educational experience is enhanced by a middle school-wide Fall field trip to one of the following destinations: Nashville, TN; Jekyll Island, GA; or Charleston, SC—these three are on rotation to ensure that students experience all three while in the Academy. There are several other trips that occur during the year in the various grade levels focusing on the curriculum being studied at the time. Further, the middle school has several activities to build unity scheduled throughout the year. Together with education, NCCA strives to encourage sending well-rounded students on to high school.

Elementary School Academy

The Elementary Academy (grades K5-5th) is modeled after the Middle School Academy, however, it meets on Mondays and Wednesdays (K5-5th meets 8-2).  This academy cultivates a love for learning within the comfortable setting of a smaller class size.   Our teachers are committed to working with each student to help them build a good foundation for lifelong learning.  



Summer Hours