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Athletic Fees for 2022-2023 School Year
Sports fees are determined by the individual sport's budget. Since NCCA is a non-profit organization and does not receive outside funding, our parents assume the financial responsibility for the student's sports participation. Fundraising opportunities are made available.

One half of fees are due prior to players receiving their uniforms. The remainder of fees will be due by mid-point of the season.

AES/Homeschool Families:

Athletes that are not paying full tuition for NCCA, will be charged an additional athletic fee of $75.

Other Athletic Fees:

Volunteer charge of $100 per family. In order for our sports programs to run smoothly during the year, we need volunteers. Each family will be required to volunteer 4 times during a sporting event throughout the school year. Volunteering is considered working the concession stand or helping during the sporting event with keeping books, lines or clocks. However, if you are unable to commit to volunteering, a $100 Fee will be charged to your account to help cover these services.

A student may participate in 3 sports for $1100.00 MAXIMUM fees.

Fees listed below are subject to change (AES students incur an additional $75 fee per sport).

Volleyball (JV and Varsity)$375
Middle School Volleyball$250
Cross Country$250
JV & Varsity Basketball (Girls and Boys)$475
Middle School Basketball (Girls and Boys)$250
JV & Varsity Baseball$400
Middle School Baseball$275

Clay Targeting



$150 (not including uniforms)