Student Handbook



Mission Statement

The mission of New Creation Christian Academy (NCCA) is to assist parents in their commitment to their children's education by offering academic classes and other programs to enhance the student's educational pursuits. We seek to provide a program of academic excellence to encourage students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Statement of Faith

We believe:

  1. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and that he was born of a virgin.
  2. The inerrant Word of God as the final authority for life.
  3. That Jesus Christ is and was perfect in every way and that he was crucified, buried and bodily rose from the dead on the third day and sits at the right hand of God the Father until He returns to rule and reign on this earth.

Non-Discrimination Policy

NCCA admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at NCCA. NCCA does not discriminate on the basis of race in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship, local programs, athletic and other NCCA-administered programs.

Privacy Policy

NCCA abides by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Additional information regarding FERPA and the disclosure of student's personal information may be obtained in the school office.

Class Minimum

All NCCA courses have a seven (7) student minimum. NCCA is not responsible for classes that do not 'make' due to under enrollment.



School Board

Roger Skepple, Chairman

Allen Harmon

Tom Perkins

 Kendall Elliott

Patti Moore

Patty Ivers


Judy Foster, School Administrator



General Information


Educational Objectives

The educational process in a Christian school is dependent upon a Biblical philosophy, which provides the right worldview and essential truths for life so that children may be prepared to assume their proper place in the home, the church and community. Accordingly, the educational philosophy of New Creation Christian Academy is as follows:

1. Concerning spiritual and moral development, graduates of NCCA:

  • Understand that the Holy Scripture, including its basic doctrines and precepts is God's revelation of Himself and is His intended standard for faith and living;
  • Understand and personally accept salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ;
  • understand that they are uniquely created in the image and likeness of God and possess the potential to develop their personhood and affect their family, church and the world for Christ; and
  • Embrace Biblical excellence in the pursuit of education as a means of being a good steward of the gifts that god has given them.

2. Concerning academic/intellectual development, graduates of NCCA:

  • Commit to developing their God-given intellectual potential through all areas of study;
  • Develop into a disciplined young person both within  the home and at NCCA classes;
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills in research, logic and problem solving;
  • Demonstrate the ability to perceive and cope with ambiguity and opposing viewpoints both at home and in the classroom;
  • Integrate an appreciation for God's creation with a sense of ethical and moral stewardship of both the environment and human culture;
  • Understand that Biblically-based education includes development of the physical and anesthetic part of life as well as the academic part; and
  • Pursue godly wisdom and discernment in applying knowledge to life situations.


Students will be considered for admission on a case by case basis. Disqualifying factors for refusal of admission may include, but are not limited to: previous criminal activity, extreme behavioral issues, expulsion or suspension from previous schools and failing grades in most recently attended classes. A pre-admission conference should be scheduled wit the administrator to determine eligibility.

Academic Achievement and Course Work Policy

Each class taken at NCCA will have an estimated 3 hours per week of additional course work added besides the actual class time. It is essential to the development of the student that most of the work be done and completed by that student for the full educational effect to be accomplished.

Parents can be of help to their children by providing an atmosphere that is conducive to study at home. Each student needs to cultivate a sense of 'calling' concerning the learning process, doing all his/her work as unto the Lord. Self-motivation, self-discipline and responsibility are essential ingredients in the learning process. Mutual respect between teachers and students will create an atmosphere in which learning will flourish.

Advisor-Advisee System

NCCA families that are accredited should schedule a time to meet with an academic advisor to determine your child's needs for college. Appointments are necessary for adviding new students or existing NCCA families with accreditation.

Tuition and Fees

New Creation Christian Academy strives to keep it's tuition rates low. The school does not receive governmental assistance and is not subsidized by outside organizations. Prompt payment of tuition is essential to the ongoing operation of the school. Monthly tuition will be collected by FACTS, a tuition management service. The fee is $43 annually per family.

School tuition may be paid yearly or in ten (10) monthly installments.

Yearly payment: A discount will be given for tuition if payment is made in full by the annual Parents' Meeting.

Monthly payments: The first monthly payment is due in August. The last tuition payment is due by the 15th of May.

Tuition payments are due by the 1st or 15th of the month. A late fee of $25 will be added for payments not received in the office on time.

Any returned checks for incidentals willl be charged $25 which will be incurred each time a check is returned.

Additional fees may be charged for field trips, sports, athletic items, uniforms, classroom materials and Helps classes. These fees can be charged to your RenWeb account or you can pay when the activity occurs. Any Special Needs student wishing to attend NCCA may incur additional fees up to $1000.

Action on late account:  By the end of the first semester if you are more than two months behind in tuition payments the student will no longer be able to attend classes or participate in any extracurricular activities at NCCA until the account hs been brought up to date. If a studnt is withdrawn from NCCA with an outstanding debt to the school, no student records (report cards, transcripts, paperwork or records) will be released until all debts are paid in full. RenWeb access will be suspended when your account becomes past due. If a student has withdrawn or graduated and a delinquent balance remains after 15 days the account will be given to the school's attorney for colllection. All attorney's fees incurred by NCCA in an effort to collect funds on the account will be the responsibility of the parent.

NCCA Scholarships

The granting of requests for assistance or a denial of assistance is based on the applicant's need for assistance and their overall financial stability. Money will be distributed based on the availability of funds. Families receiving financial aid for NCCA may be required to participate in official NCCA fundraisers and other school activities. Please note: Only ONE scholarship or discount may be applied per student.

Students must pass all classes for financial aid to continue. Grades will be checked at the end of each semester. Failing grades could result in financial aid being discontinued in the middle of the school year.

Applications for financial aid can be submitted from November through August through FACTS. In ParentsWeb go to 'Family Information' then 'Financial Aid'.

Applicants will need to submit a letter of recommendation from their pastor verifying the need for assistance. Generally, financial assistance does not exceed more than 50% of tuition fees.

RenWeb and ParentsWeb Access

Our school information system is called RenWeb. The majority of our parent and student communication occurs through this system, so it is very important that each parent and student have an account. It provides access to our calendar, grades, messages and homework assignments. To set up your access, please follow these instructions:

 Go to

  1. Click on "Logins" at the top right of the page. Select 'ParentsWeb Login".
  2. Click on 'Create New ParentsWeb Account" link in red.
  3. Enter the District Code - NCC-GA.
  4. Enter the e-mail you used for registration.
  5. Click 'Parent' or 'Student' accordingly. (note: Parents and students must have separate e-mails AND separate accounts.)
  6. Click on "Create Account".
  7. Check your e-mail.
  8. In the body of the e-mail, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate box.
  9. In the body of the e-mail, enter a password of your choosing in the appropriate box, and confirm it.
  10. In the body of the e-mail, click on "Save username and/or password".
  11. Go back to the login screen to log into ParentsWeb.

To change your password, log in to ParentsWeb, click on the 'Family Information' button on the left hand side of the screen. Click on 'Username/Password', enter your desired information and confirm it, then click on 'Submit'.

*Note: Each person to log in to RenWeb has to have an exclusive e-mail. If you need to set up an e-mail for your personal use, there are free e-mail providers such as g-mail and hotmail to available to you.

If you have any problems or questions, please call the office manager for help.

RenWeb Gradebook Policy

Teachers are required to post gradesin RenWeb no later than two weeks after the assignment due date. Please contact the course instructor if grades are not posted within the two week time frame. If the issue is not corrected in a timely manner you may contact the adminsitration for assistance.

Parent Alert

We have a aprent alert system for emergency information. Messages are sent via text to your cell phone. You may opt out of the parent alert system, but please be aware you will not receive emergency information by any other means. To opt out, log into RenWeb, click on 'School Information' then 'Webfoms'. Select 'Family Demographic Form' and set your permissionson the 'Custodial Parent Form' for each parent.

Class Attendance

Each student is expected to attend all assigned classes and is also expected to be on time. If your student must be absent it is the responsibility of the parent (not the student) to call the school office and notify us of the reason for the absence. If we do not receive a call from a parent the absence will be recorded as 'Unexcused' and this could result in your student receiving zeros for the day's class work. The student will also be responsible for contacting the teacher to get assignments that he/she may have missed on the day(s) they were absent. More than three (3) unexcused absences can result in failure of the class.

Make-Up Work

Students are expected to turn all work in at the assigned time. If an assignment or test is missed, students will be expected to make up the work by the date set forth by the teacher, or if the teacher did not give a date, then no later than the end of the grading period. Work will not be carried over from one grading period to the next. Teachers have the authority to penalize late assignments with lower grades. Teachers will not 'hold' grades for missing assignments. A 'P' will be entered in RenWeb for pending work and an 'M' for missing work.

Dropping/Adding a Class

In order to drop or add a class parents must notify the NCCA office in writing by completing a 'Drop/Add Form'. Drop/Adds must be done the first week of school. After the first week, a $50 penalty will be charged for failure to notify the office. If for any reason a student must be withdrawn from one or more of the classes, they will be responsible for full payment of the course(s) for which they registered. Please note that a valid reason must be given for class changes. Any change is at the discretion of the Administrator. If you wish to drop a class that has seven or less students you will be required to pay for the class.

Early Withdrawals

Withdrawals during the current year will be charged a fee of $500.00 per student payable at time of withdrawal. There is no exception to the withdrawal fee (loss of job, transfer of job, etc.). The final balance is due on account must be paid in full in order for report cards, transcripts, diplomas or any other student records to be released. If the final payment is made by check, the check must clear the bank prior to releasing any records.

Middle School Students Taking Algebra I or Physical Science

Middle school students in the 8th grade have the opportunity to take Algebra I and/or Physical Science. If they successfully complete the course with a yearly minimum average of 80, they will be able to progree to the next level of math and/or science the following year. Any yearly average below 80 will necessitate the course to be taken in high scholl the following year. High school credit is not given for courses taken in middle school. Four credits in math and science are required in grades 9-12.

Placement Testing

All students entering NCCA for the first time are required to take placement tests in Math. There is no charge for placement testing. It may be taken anytime during our regular testing center hours.


Testing is an important tool in determining that adequate academic proficiency and skill have been achieved. Student tests will be either:

  1. Given in class during the normal classroom period by the course instructor; or
  2. Administered by an NCCA appointed proctor at a designated time, other than the regular classroom period.

*PLEASE NOTE: the majority of student class chapter tests will be scheduled and taken at the NCCA facility using an NCCA Proctoring Designee. Course instructors will notify students when a proctored test is to be taken. Students will then be responsible to take the test at NCCA within the time frame provided.

Making up a test due to an approved absence or illness will be the responsibility of the student. Proper arrangements for make up will be made between the student and instructor and/or proctor within the prescribed allowable time.

Report Cards

Report cards may be accessed in RenWeb at the end of each grading period. An e-mail will be sent to you when your child’s report card is ready to view.

Exemption of Exams (Grades 9-12)

Ninth through twelfth graders may exempt mid-term exams under the following conditions:

The student:

· Must have a 90 average or above.

· Must not have missed the class more than 2 days.

· Must have no more than 3 tardies to class.

In some courses teachers may elect to give a non-traditional type of exam (project or performance based exam) which students will not be allowed to exempt. Final exams in any course , including AP courses, will NOT be exempt.

Extra Credit Policy

Students will not be eligible for extra credit if they do not complete all weekly homework assignments. No extra credit will be given to an individual student after the end of a grading period to raise a student’s average.

Standardized Testing

ITBS standardized testing will be offered each year for students taking classes at NCCA in 9th through 11th grades.  The seniors will have a separate scheduled test. BOTH DAYS are required for each set of dates. High school accredited students are required by the Georgia Accrediting Commission to take one standardized test per year. The ACT, SAT and PSAT qualify for this standardized test. If your student has taken one of these tests, you MUST notify the office so that we are aware that they do not need the ITBS. The fee for the test is included in your tuition; however, you MUST make a reservation for your student through RenWeb.  If you make a reservation and your student does not attend or you cancel after the deadline, you will be charged a fee of $60 to reimburse the school for the test. Middle school students may also take the ITBS test on the above dates for a $60 fee.

ALL middle and high school GSNS students MUST take the ITBS each year. There is no charge for GSNS students.

Reservations must be made through RenWeb by the posted deadlines.

All seniors must take a standardized test during their senior year. The etst must be done suring the 12th grade school calendar year beginning in August. The ITBS is offered for seniors in April, but you must call the office to reserve your test space. If you take your test at another location we must have your test scores before a diploma can be issued. ACT, PSAT or SAT are considered a qualifying satndardized test by our accredting commission. Test scores for the ACT, PSAT or SAT must be submitted to the office before a diploma can be issued. The NCCA SAT High School Code is 112042.

For those students that are ACCREDITED ONLY (do not take classes) with us, there will be a charge of $60 for the test. You will need to notify us and pay in the office before the deadline for the dates you wish your student to take the test.


AP Exams

Any students enrolled in an AP class will have the opportunity to take the AP Exam for college credit. If a student did not want to take the AP Exam and did not inform the office by Christmas Break, the student's account will be charged $80 for the cost of the exam.

Inclement Weather

NCCA follows the Henry County School System regarding closings. Check local TV and/or radio for announcements.

Parent Dress Code

When visiting the school campus or attending school functions such as field trips, extracurricular activities, lunch, class parties, etc, please take into consideration NCCA's dress policy which emphasizes modesty in appreance.

Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their personal property; the school does not accept any responsibility for student's property. All personal items used at school should be clearly marked with the student's name. Students who find lost articles are instructed to take them to the office to be put with the lost and found items. Please check the Break room for your lost items. The items not claimed will be donated to charity after the first semester break and at the end of the school year.


All non-consumable textbooks are the property of NCCA. Books will be issued to students at the beginning of the year and collected at the end of the year. Students are expected to keep books in good condition (i.e. no torn pages, no writing in the book or on the outside cover, etc.).

Teachers will inspect books when collected. If a book has received more wear than is normally expected, the student will be charged a fine for excessive damages. If the book is damaged beyond use or lost, the student must pat the cost necessary to replace the book.

All textbooks must be turned in on the day of their final exam. The student account will be charged for the missing textbook unless it is returned to the office. All senior accounts MUST be paid in full before a diploma or any transcripts or paperwork will be issued.

Early withdrawals will not be given a transcript , report card or any other paperwork from the office until all textbooks are received or paid for in the office.

Field Trips

It is the purpose of the Board of Directors and staff of New Creation Christian Academy (NCCA) to provide a safe and secure environment for all NCCA students and athletes. For this reason, for NCCA-sponsored trips that require an overnight stay, chaperones muct be at least 21 years of age, undergo a background check and may only occupy a room overnight with students or other chaperones of the same gender. The only exception to this is when the students and chaperones of the same immediate family unit wish to share a room. However, if due to this policy exceptionthe number of family members in a room falls below the maximum occupancy on which the cost of the trip was based, then the family will incur the additional per-person cost of the room each night. All arrangements are subject to final approval by the NCCA administration.


To request transcripts follow these procedures:

  1. An NCCA Transcript Request Form must be filled out and submitted to the office at least 14 days prior to the date you wish to receive it or have it mailed out. this form is available at the NCCA office or on our website.
  2. Transcripts will not be released until all accounts are clear and approved by the Business Office. Current students may request up to five transcripts which are free. Additional transcripts are $5.00 each. Students requesting a transcript after July of the year they graduated will be charged $5.00 for each transcript.



Academic Counseling

NCCA provides:

  1. Academic counseling.
  2. College preparatory counseling (NCCA SAT High School Code - 112042)

College preparatory counsleing involves the organization of the student's program of studies, the pre-requisites for most colleges, the providing of information about the college entrance testing program (PSAT, SAT, ACT), and the facillitating of the college application process. Any questions regarding a student's program of academic studies should be directed to the academic advisor.



The accreditation program provides:

  1. Academic counseling, including any problems related to scheduling.
  2. College preparatory counseling (NCCA SAT High School Code 112042)

College preparatory counseling involves the organization of the student's program of studies, the prerequisites for most colleges, the providing of information about the college entrance testing program (PSAT, SAT, ACT), and the facilitating of the college application process. Any questions regarding a student's program of academic studies should be directed to Chris Jansen.

Grading Scale

4.0 or A = 90-100

3.0 or B = 80-89

2.0 or C = 75-79

1.0 or D = 70-74

0.0 or F = 69 or below

Honor Roll

At the end of each quarter, those full-time students in grades 6-12 who earn all A's or all A's and B's shall be placed on the Honor Roll.

Dual Enrollment


1. A student must be enrolled as a full time student at NCCA in order to be eligible for Dual Enrollment.

2. A student must submit an application to NCCA with the college courses they have chosen each semester. A permission slip signed by the parents must be submitted along with the request for Dual Enrollment. These are available from the Academic Advisor in the office. Your courses must be approved by NCCA before enrollment in college. NCCA reserves the right to withhold credit for classes not submitted for pre-approval.

3. One college course is equal to one semester of credit at NCCA. Example: English 1101 is equal to onesemester (.5 credits) of British Literature. English 1102 is equal to the second semester (.5 credits)of British Literature. These 2 college courses are equal to one whole credit at NCCA.


Graduation Requirements

1. Classes/Credits

   A. College Bound Diploma

4 credits in English  - Literature (World, American, British) integrated with grammar and usage and advanced composition skills.

3 credits in History - Must include US History, World History and Government/Economics.

4 credits in Mathematics - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and a fourth year to include courses such as Advanced Math, Algebra III, Calculus or College Algebra. (Students must take math each year regardless of the math credits earned in middle school.)

4 credits in Science - At least one unit of Biology, one unit of Physical Science and one unit of Chemistry.

1 credit in Health

6 credits in Electives - At least one Bible class at NCCA.

2 credits in Foreign Language  - Same language emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing.

24 credits total

Students must take a full year of the following subjects in grades 9-12: English, Math, Science. Students must take 3 full years of History.

  B. College Bound Diploma with Distinction

4 credits in English  - Literature (World, American, British) integrated with grammar and usage and advanced composition skills.

4 credits in History - Must include World Geography, US History, World History and Government/Economics.

4 credits in Mathematics - Students must take math each year regardless of the math credits earned in middle school. Each year the student must progress to a higher level math than the year before.

4 credits in Science with labs - Must include one unit of Physical Science (unless taken in middle school), one unit of of Biology, and one unit of Chemistry. The other sciences must be either Anatomy/Physiology, Physics or both. Students must take science every year of high school regardless of the science credits earned in middle school. Students need to participate in at least 2 Science Fairs.

1 credit in Health

2 credits in Bible - 1 credit in 9/10th grade and one credit in 11/12th grade. Bible class MUST be taken at NCCA.

2 credits in Foreign Language  - Same language emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing.

2 credits - SAT Prep, Speech and Debate, INternational Business, Personal Finance, Robotics, Computers.

2 crdits in Fine Arts - Yearbook & Photography, Audio/Visual, Theatrical Arts, Advanced Art or Music.

3 Elective credits

28 credits total

Note: Students graduating before 2020 can receive a Diploma with Distinction by meeting the above requirements with the exception  of:

Class of 2017: 25 total credits, 7 credits taken their senior year

Class of 2018: 26 total credits, 7 credits taken their junior and senior year

Class of 2019: 27 total credits, 7 credits taken their sophomore, junior and senior year

All students graduating before 2020 and wishing to receive a Diploma with Distinction must meet with the NCCA Counselor before classes begin to get approval of elective credits. Students must file an "Intent to Graduate with Distinction" form to be eligible for this diploma.

Christian Service and Outreach

All high school students will be required to complete four hours of mission outreach/acts of service each semester. Students may work individually, in small groups or as a class. These projects might include, but are not limited to, volunteering  at a food pantry, homeless shelter, pregnancy resource center, etc. The NCCA sponsored mission trip fulfills both semester requirements. Mission outreach/acts of service must be pre-approved. The project must be completed outside of the school day. A "Christian Service and Outreach" form must be filled out by each student and turned in by the end of each semester. Forms are located on the school website under the "forms" tab. All students are expected to complete his or her project with excellence as unto the Lord.

Science Fair

All high school students will be required to participate in 2 school science fairs unless the teacher requires it as a class grade. Transfer students coming to NCCA their senior year will be required to participate in only one science fair project.

Senior Standardized Test

Every senior must take one standardized test sometime during their senior year, August-May. In order to receive your diploma at the graduation ceremony, the student's scores must be sent by the testing agent and received by NCCA before the day of graduation.



NCCA offers a wide variety of high school athletics. We are a member of the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA).

A packet of forms are available on the website,  from the athletic office or school office and must be completed and returned before students are eligible to participate in any athletic practices or games.


NCCA athletes must be academically eligible to participate in our athletic program. With the exception of full-time NCCA students, atletes must submit grades and sample course work each quarter for all classes to insure that they are eligible to play.

To be academically eligible to participate, a student must:

1. To be eligible to participate, practice and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible.

2. Students must take three full-time classes at NCCA to be considered as a full-time enrolled student. If only taking three classes, he./she must be passing all three classes to be eligible to play. If a studentis taking four or more classes, he/she can only fail one class in order to remain eligible to participate.

3. If s student is not eligible after the first semster, he/she may be allowed to become eligible after the thrid nine weeks of the second semester.

4. A student must be taking the appropriate number of subjects each year to be on track to graduate in four years from the school or homeschool program.

5. Summer school credits are limited to two credits. cases wih extreme circumstances can be appealed to the Dispute Committee and this rule will not have any affect on credits schools count towards graduation.

Transfer Eligibility

1. A student who transfers from one GICAA member school to another GICAA member school without a legitimate move is ineligible for interscholastic participation for one full calendar year.

2. Any move that is not legitimate and is made for the purpose for creating eligibility will be considered illegal. The student will be ineligible at any GICAA school for a period of one calendar year unless there are extenuating circumstances in which case the Dispute Committee would have to rule.

3. A legitimate move is defined as the following: The family of the student moves closer to the school to which they are transferring than they were to the previously enrolled school. The new residence must be nearer to the school to which they are transferring than the residence was.

4. If a parent is a full-time employee of a GICAA member school and changes schools as a coach or a full-time employee, then the child of the employee can compete at the new school school without losing eligibility. (Full-time employee is considered 20 or more work hours per week.)

Homeschool/Alternative Education Students (AES)

The purpose of having AES in the GICAA is to help schools fill their rosters. AES athletes can only be used to fill rosters, not to gain a competitive advantage. The GICAA furhter believes that all athletes should have the opportunity to participate in a competitive league.

The GICAA will use the definition of the Georgia Accrediting Commission to define homeschool students or those using some other form of alternative education. the definition provides that students can spend a maximum of 60% of their time at a learning center. A minimum of 40% of their time must be spent studying at home or a place designated by the parents. These students can receive their education through homeschool groups or cyber schools.

Birth Crtificates

Member schools must submit birth certificates and a report card or academic records of all AES athletes to the GICAA by sport specific due date.

AES Eligibility

1. AES athletes and other students considered to be AES athletes will play under the authority of the GICAA and must meet all eligibility requirements as stated in the Certification of Eligibility section.

2. All AES athletes have four years of eligibility beginning in the ninth grade.

3. According to Georgia homeschool regulations, homeschool students must take an appropriate nationally standardized test at the end of their ninth grade year. Once a homeschool student has taken this test in the ninth grade, he/she will have three years left of eligibility in the GICAA.

4. According to Georgia homeschool regulations, homeschool students must take an appropriate nationally standardized test at the end of their twelfth grade year. Once a homseschool student has taken this test in the twelfth grade to fulfill garduation requirements, he/she is no longer eligible to play sports for a GICAA school.

5. Students enrolled in less than three full-time classes at a member school are considered AES athletes. Students enrolled in three or more full-time classes at a member school are considered a full-time student.

6. Public school students who attend school at a physical building (out of home) are not eligible to participate with a GICAA member school.

Attendance at Practices and Games

It is each individual player's responsibility to keep informed regarding practice and game schedules. Attendance at practices and games is required.The coach must be notified if a player is going to be absent for a practice or game. If an emergency prohibits attendance or advance notice, please notify the coach within 48 hours following the practice or game. It is up to each coach's discretion how to handle discipline regarding tardiness and/or missing games and practices.

We make every effort possible to schedule games and practices so that they don't conflict with NCCA classes, but in some cases it is unavoidable. It is each student's responsibilitiy to contact his/her teacher for permission to miss class and for any make up work if game times conflict with a class. Athletic eventscan nver be used as an excuse for unfinished academic work.

No student will be allowedto participate in practices or games on a day that he/she was absent from school.

Uniforms and Practice Wear

Uniforms are the property of NCCA and will be collected at the end of the season. Parents/athletes are responsible for replacing any lost or damaged uniforms. No parts of game uniforms are to be worn at practice or at school during the school day, or at NCCA sponsored events except for participation in your sport. Practice attire should be modest and appropriate for the sport. (All shorts should have at least a 5" inseam.) Shoes must be appropriate for the sport.

Dress Code & Hair Code

Your coach will direct you in his/her expectationsof pre-game, game and post-game attire. You can generally expect to be in full uniform at all times.Respect of and caring for your uniform is always expected.

For safety reasons, jewelry and/or watches are not permitted. Leave all jewelry (including necklaces and earrings) at home for practices and games.

It is up to the coach's discretion whether a player needs a haircut, shave, change clothes, etc. We expect compliance with and respect for any coach's decision in these matters.

Parental Conduct

NCCA is very firm about appropriate parental behavior in the stands of each game. Abuse of referees, coaches and/or players is prohibited. Please cheer positively and encourage all the athletes, not just your own. Parents should never speak negatively about:

A. The school: A negative atmosphere can be contagious. Instead create an atmosphere of gratitude.

B.Other students and parents: Only speak to parents concerning your studentsor their students. Speak to other students only in an encouraging manner. The only time another parent or student's name shouold be mentioned is in a complimentary fashion.

There is no parental coaching from the stands as this may contradict what the coaches are teaching. Parents are not to approach coaches or game officials at the game. Parents in violation of this rulewill be asked to leave and possibly barred from attending future games. Parents are to contact the athletic director in writing regarding any issues for discussion 24 hours after the activity, unless deemed an emergency.

Any parent ejected from an athletic event will be assessed a $50 fine. This fine will be paid before admittance to any further NCCA athletic events. If a second ejection occurs in one sports year the parent/adult will be banned from all NCCA athletic events for a minmum of 12 months and fined $100.

Player Conduct

Players will conduct themselves respectfully at all times before, during and after a game. Arguing with a referee, coach or any player will not be tolerated. Abusive/foul language and/or unnecessary physical contact will result in immediate removal from that game and could result in dismissal from the program. If a player feels that an issue needs to be addressed with a referee, he/she must take that issue to the coach who will handle it with the referee. Any player ejected from a game will be required to pay the fine assessed by the conference. 1st ejection is $50 and a one game suspension. 2nd ejection is $100 and dismissal from the team.

Time in Play

NCCA plays all sports in a competitive conference. We encourage playing your best and playing to win while doing so within the rules and behaving appropriately. This is different from recreational team play. Therefore, not all players will receive equal playing time. Athletic fees do not guarantee playing time. If there is a concern about playing time, the student should discuss that with their coach. Coaches will make decisions on who plays when, while considering what is best for the team. We feel pratice time, training and being part of a competitive team are valuable aspects for students.


All athletes are required to ride the bus to away athletic events. Any exception must be authorizedby the Head Coach. The athlete must have parental permission presented to teh Head Coach to ride home with his/her parents or another parent after away games. No other athletes will be able to ride home with other students or non-adults.


One half of fees are due prior to the beginning date of the season. The remaining fees will be due by midpoint of the season.

Athletic fees are non-refundable and will be pro-rated. If a player starts the season and is placed on a roster, athletic fees must be paid. In the event the player quits, becomes academically ineligible or is pulled from the team by a parent or guardian, fees must be paid in full at that time. AES students' fees must be paid by the halfway point of the season to maintain eligibility.

Volunteers, Crusader Athletic Club and Tax Exempt Status

Our parent volunteers are an integral part of the success of our athletic programs . We encourage and welcome your assistance. Our Crusader Athletic Club provides many services to our teams and participants. We invite you to join, attend and support their activities. NCCA is recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt, non-profit organization. While membership and program fees are not tax deductible, donations are. Members are encouraged to consider donations and to solicit donations to the school and/or athletic program. Please contact the athletic director regarding any assistance you can provide.


Dress Code

The goal of the NCCA dress code is that students present themselves in a clean, neat manner in keeping with the NCCA Mission Statement. While NCCA recognizes the uniqueness of each student and seeks to develop individuality, it is also imperative that each student understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations. NCCA seeks to develop an atmosphere conducive to learning with minimal distractions.

The dress code applies and will be enforced  while any student is on campus for classes or testing. It is also requested that parents and students be mindful of these guidelines while at any NCCA-sponsored event.

  1. Administration approved, unmodified NCCA shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies are required.
  2. Students are not allowed on campus for classes, testing or summer school without wearing an NCCA-approved shirt, sweatshirt, jacket or hoodie and following the dress code. ONLY NCCA SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, JACKETS AND HOODIES WILL BE ALLOWED. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SHIRTS OR JACKETS CAN BE WORN BY STUDENTS ON CAMPUS. THEY MUST BE IN GOOD SHAPE AND NOT ALTERED. Students not arriving with appropriate attire will be provided a shirt by the office and their account will be charged accordingly. All students will be required to purchase an NCCA shirt AND hoodie or jacket.
  3. Students may wear special-issue NCCA t-shirts (sports, clubs, seniors) that are issued during the current school year only. Please note that last year's NCCA uniform shirts may be worn, but must be in good shape and not altered. No special issue shirts from previous years (sports, clubs, seniors) may be worn.
  4. Khaki pants or jeans, knee-length skirts or knee-length shorts are permissible as long as they fit appropriately (not excessively baggy or tight), are neat (not excessively frayed and NO HOLES), are modest (not low-riding or sagging) and are not distracting to the instructors or to other students (no excessive accessories). ABSOLUTELY NO athletic wear is allowed. This includes yoga pants or leggings, sweat suits or pants, athletic shorts and sports uniforms.
  5. No underwear may show.
  6. Shoes/sandals must be worn at all times. In the interest of safety, closed toe shoes are required for all science and art classes held in the lab.
  7. All jewelry must be small and not distracting to the instructors or other students. Excessive jewelry is not permitted.
  8. Boys may not wear earrings.
  9. Excessive body piercing, tattoos and makeup are not permitted and must be taken out or covered up. Anti-Christian articles/jewelry (i.e. gothic, etc.) are not permitted.
  10. Hair should be neat and clean and young men's hair should not exceed the bottom of the ear and must be off the collar. Students must also have their hair pulled back out of the face and eyes. Boys' or girl' hair should not be multicolored. It should be natural/normal in color and appearance. Conservative natural highlights, blended throughout are acceptable. Fads and extreme styles, such as individual bleached, platinum or colored streaks that stand out or draw attention are not permitted. All students' hair and grooming should have a conservative look. Students may be subject to be sent home of guidelines are not met.
  11. Facial hair must be neat and groomed.
  12. No hats may be worn inside the building. A fee of $1.00 will be charged each time a hat is taken from a student, and the hat will be given to the administrator for the remainder of the day.
  13. Students are to follow the dress code for all field trips. NCCA shirts, jackets and hoodies are required.
  14. NCCA shirts will not be required for all NCCA functions: i.e. athletic events, NCCA parties and dances. However, students must wear shirts that do not show stomachs or chest, and t-shirts must not contain anti-Christian, vulgar or offensive messages. Skirts and shorts must be knee-length. Pants may not be low-riding or sagging.

Students in violation of the dress code, which cannot be rectified immediately, will be dismissed for the day.

Note: The administration is the final authority in dress and grooming matters. If a student is in doubt about an item of clothing meeting the dress code standards, he/she should discuss it with the administrator before wearing it to school.

Student Conduct

General Behavior Standards

Attendance at New Creation Christian Academy is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, you are expected to conduct yourself in an orderly and respectful manner at all times. With that in mind, please do not bring books, music, magazines, binders, folders, lunch boxes or any other materials that glorify anti-Christian characters or philosophies on campus. Do not place any of these inappropriate items in your backpacks, binders or notebooks.

Students must be in their classrooms and seated at the beginning of scheduled classes. Tardiness will be dealt with by the classroom teacher and will affect overall grade.

Students are encouraged and expected to talk in a normal tone of voice (no yelling) and to avoid excessive noise.

Students are expected to keep your hands to yourself. (No physical contact between students)

Proper respect is to be shown to all faculty and staff members at all times.

Proper respect will also be shown by one student for another at all times. Name calling, teasing, intentional provocation or other forms of annoyance are considered disrespectful and are prohibited.

Mischief and pranks are not allowed.

Campus Usage Standards

Students are allowed in the building at 7:30Am each morning. High school students may go to Study Hall until class begins. Middle school students must go to their classroom and wait for class to begin. Students are not allowed to sit in cars. All students must vacate the campusno later than 30 minutes after their last scheduled class, or by 4:40 unless they have a scheduled sports practice.

Due to the nature of our school day, size of our campus and supervisory load, students are expected to vacate the campus of Southern Crescent at the completion of their last class of the day. There is to be no hanging out on campus after your classes.

When students have a break between your classes, they will be expected to remain in approved areas on campus until their next class begins. Students may study in Study Halluntil the next class begins. There is to be no loitering of any kindin the hallway at any time.  All behavioral requirements will be applicable during breaks and you will be asked to vacate the property immediately if your behavior becomes disruptive.

Students are to be picked up promptly after class. Pick up is considered late ten (10) minutes after the close of class, unless the student is attending an approved NCCA special study group. At the close of school, if your student is not picked up a $10.00 charge will be added to your student's account.

Middle school students that need to stay at school  after 2:00Pm will be charged $10.00 per week for an afterschool program. They will be with an adult until time to be picked up or attend a sports practice or event. When parents pick them up from the afterschool program they need to come into the building so that we can call your student to the office. While a student is participating in a sport or other school-sponsored activity there will be no charge for after school.

Friends of students who are not enrolled in NCCA are not allowed to remain on campus for other than drop off or pick up purposes, and are not to come or be brought on campus unless previously approved by Administration. Parents will be held accountable for student's violation in these matters.

Special Events Standards

With each NCCA-approved special event a member of the Administration will appoint a Head Chaperone. The Head Chaperone will, in turn, appoint a team of no less than three people to assist chaperoning the event. The Head Chaperone will have the responsibility of approving the music to be played at the event, if applicable, and establishing a dress code for the event which is in keeping with the Mission Statement of NCCA. The Head Chaperone will also have the responsibility of monitoring the behavior (i.e dancing and/or activity) at the event, and will have the authority to deal with emergencies. At the discretion of the Head Chaperone, any student deemed to be dancing, behaving or dressed in a manner not in keeping with the values of NCCA will be asked to leave the event.

Note: The school will not be responsible for any event that is not officially sanctioned by the administration.

Prom & Homecoming Guidelines

  1. Wear appropriate clothing - Ladies: no cleavage or mid-thigh dresses, slits may come no higher than the knee, also pay attention to low-cut backs. Gentlemen: NO underwear may be showing. It is a formal dance, so appropriate attire is in order. Pants must be worn at the waist. We will deny entry to the prom with no refund if these dress code policies are not met.
  2. All students, including guests that do not attend NCCA, must comply with policies and decisions made by chaperones and administration. Please remember whose you are (i.e. God's children and your parents') and whom you represent (God, your family, church and NCCA) - don't act irresponsibly and make bad choices.
  3. THERE ARE NO IN AND OUT PRIVILEGES AT DANCES! When you leave you are not allowed to return!
  4. Bring your tickets! You must present your ticket in order to enter the prom. Security is in place to check you off upon arrival. You may not be able to enter without your ticket.
  5. If you get lost or are running late, please contact the assigned chaperones for assistance. You may call them if you have any issues with entering the venue as well.

Homecoming Court Requirements

  1. Must be in 10th through 12th grade.
  2. Must have a GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  3. Must be a full time student (NO classes taken outside of NCCA).
  4. No criminal record.

Teachers will receive a list of the top 12 students (6 girls and 6 boys) in each grade 9-12. Teachers will recommend the students based on criteria such as respect for authority, respect for peers, Christ-like attitude and work ethic.

The selected students will then be voted on by thei respective grades. A boy and a girl will be chosen Homecoming Attendants in 9-11 grades and Homecoming King and Queen in grade 12.

Classroom Standards

You are encouraged and expected to attend all assigned classes. you are expected to arrive on time, to bring all necessary books and materials, to be attentive, to fully participate and to apply yourself diligently in order to learn.

You are expected to offer complete obedience and respect to all your teachers and administrators at all times.

You may not chew gum anywhere on campus anytime during regular school hours or during official after school activities on campus. A fee will be charged for gum. Also, there is no eating or drinking in classrooms at any time.

Southern Crescent has graciously allowed us to use their building for our educational purposes. Please respect the boundary demarcations supplied in the hallways and do not cross them without approval from Administration.

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be powered off while students are in class. Students may not leave a class to use their phones. Parents should call the office if they need to talk to their student. Cell phones in use in the classroom will be confiscated. After the first offense the student may retrieve the phone from the office at the end of the school day. For a second offense, the parents are expected to come in and pick the phone up. On the third offense  the parent must pick up the phone and pay a $15 fine.

Texting Policy

Students are prohibited from sending any sexually explicit messages or pictures by the use of any electronic device to include, but not limited to, any cell phone, personal computer, laptop or personal communication device.

If a student is found to have particpated in inappropriate texting on campus, he/she will be subject to immediate expulsionfrom school. If the act took place off campus the student may be subject to criminal charges per OCGA 16-12-100.2. By law, NCCA is required to report any violations of this statute to the local authorities if it is proven that the violation occurred while on campus.


Bullying is prohibited. Georgia Law [GA Code 16-11-127.1] defines bullying as "any willful attempt to threaten or inflict injury on another person, when accompanied by an apparent ability to do so, or any intentional display of force such as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm". Students found to have committed an offense of bullying could result in expulsion. Other discipline may involve a warning or counseling, depending on the circumstances. It is at the discretion of the administration to determine the severity of the consequence. Components such as motive, intent, recidivism, repentance, etc. will be considered in making that decision.


Cheating will not be tolerated. It will be handled as a serious offense (see Disciplinary System, Pgs 25-27    below). Instructors may penalize cheating with a zero grade. Additional disciplinary action for cheating may include dismissal from the NCCA academic program and sports activities. Cheating may include, but is not limited to: class work, homework and tests.

Students are not allowed to:

  1. Give or receive aid from any individuals during or after a quiz or test. (Students who have not completed a test or quiz are not allowed to receive coaching from classmates while awaiting the same quiz or test.)
  2. Remove a copy of a test from the testing area.
  3. Possess or use any materials that have not been approved by the instructor or the proctor.
  4. Students may not plagiarize or use another person's school work, past or present, as their own.
  5. Leave the testing area without permission during a testing period.
  6. Manipulate or alter their student grades.
  7. Give another student answers, or copy another student's homework.

Plagiarism Defined

Palgiaraism is literary theft.

Plagiarism is:

Using someone else's words or ideas.

Faliure to acknowledge use of an author's words by quotation and by endnote.

Failure to thoroughly paraphrase an author's words by using one's own words and syntax.

Failure to endnote or acknowledge a paraphrase in the etxt of the paper.

Faliure to acknowledge by endnote the use of an author's idea or organization of such ideas.


Please be aware that based on georgia law (20-2-690.1) and State Boeard of Education rule (JB) any child between the ages of 6 and 16 who, during the school calendar year (180 days), has more than 5 days of unexcused absences from school will be considered truant. The legal penalties and consequences for truancy include referral of parents, guardians or custodians to State Court and juveniles to Juvenile Court for prosecution.Unexcused tardies and unexcused early checkoutsare detrimental to the academic success of individual students and classmates. Therefore, excessive unexcused tardies and checkouts must also be referred to the Henry County courts for consideration of prosecution.

Drug Testing Policy

The use of illegal drugs or the unlawful use of prescription drugs by students is strictly prohibited. This includes not only the possession or use on campus, but also off campus use. Students who are suspected of illegal drug use or possession of illegal substances will be subject to drug testing ordered by the administration. The cost of testing may or may not be billed to the student's account - it will depend on the circumstances. Students suspected of on or off campus drinking are also subject to drug screening.

Reasons for suspicion which may justify a student being tested include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Unusual or erratic behavior noticed by faculty, staff or administrationat school or school sponsored events.
  • Noticeable physical indicators such as blood shot or glassy eyes, smell of alcohol or marijuana, slurred speech, extreme drowsiness, as well as other physical indicators associated woth drug or alcohol use.
  • Excessive absences from school.
  • Valid information provided by other students, faculty or outside sources about a student being involved in  drug use or activity. This type of information may be considered "hearsay"; however, , if the administration feelsthat there is any validity to such information a drug test may be required.
  • If the drug dog alarms on a student's car - regardless of search results.
  • Innuendos or comments made by a student over a scoial media network such as FaceBook, MySpace, etc., This may include pictures of drug paraphernalia, marijuana leaves, alcohol containers, etc.

Administering Drug Tests

If a student is required to take a drug test, the parents of the student will be notified first. The studentwill not be allowed to leave the school to go home or anywhere else before the test is administered. The testing will be administered off site in most cases at a reputable testing facility. A 10-panel drug screen will be given. Parents may be present at the site where the test is given. An administrator or faculty member will accompany the student to the site unless the parent is given permission to drive the student.

Students or parents may not refuse drug testing without penalty. A student that refuses to take a drug test will be suspended indefinitely and treated as if that student tested positive for drugs or alcohol. A final decision will be made by the discipline committee concerning the student's punishment. Studentswho test positive for drugs may be dismissed from NCCA. Discipline in these matters will be at the discretion of the administration.


Students must adhere to the following:

  1. Student drivers are to park their cars in the designated parking lots. Off-campus parking and parking on the street are not permitted.
  2. The speed limit for the school parking lot is 5 miles per hour. New Creation Christian Academy reserves the right to suspend driving privileges of driving to and from school if a student violates the speed limit, drives in a careless or reckless manner or consistently parks in improper places on school property. this will be done even if the student being disciplined is a carpool driver.
  3. First time violation will result in a disciplinary note in their file. The second violation will result in suspension of on-campus driving privileges for the entire school year.
  4. New Creation Christian Academy is not responsible for damage done to cars in the parking lot.
  5. Students are permitted to go to their cars; however, they are expected to return immediately to their class. There is to be no loitering and hanging out at, around or in parked vehicles.
  6. Loud music is not allowed on campus, in the parking lot or driveway. The first incident will result in a warning. The second incident will result in an Incident Report added to the student's permanent record. If there is a third incident driving privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the year.

Parent/Teacher Communication

We encourage you to contact your child's teacher(s) any time you have a question regarding your child's behavior or academic progress. However, please refrain from discussing your child's progress or challenges either before the teacher's class, while the teacher's class is taking place or during school functions. Teachers may be contacted through phone numbers or e-mails given to your student in class or on your ParentsWeb page on RenWeb. (Please see the office for first time login instructions.) Teachers are not required to respond to e-mails after 9:00PM.

Disciplinary System

As students of New Creation Christian Academy, your behavior and attitude directly or indirectly affects not only God's witness in the community, but also the public Christian testimony of this ministry. As such, the following minor and major offenses must be avoided. Minor offenses include, but are not limited to:

Minor Offenses

  1. Tardy to class
  2. Inappropriate public display of affection
  3. Disrespect to others
  4. Eating and drinking in the building without permission
  5. Chewing gum on campus
  6. Excessive roughhousing
  7. Littering
  8. Listening to music without permission during school hours

The following serious offenses are strictly forbidden at all times, on and off campus. your participation in these and similar behaviors will result in severe discipline, up to and including suspension or dismissal from New Creation Christian Academy.

Serious Offenses

  1. Disrupting class, assemblies or school sponsored events.
  2. Disrespectful behavior towards school authorities or faculty.
  3. Physical fighting.
  4. Leaving campus without permission when you are not scheduled to leave.
  5. Forgery or alteration of a school document.
  6. Lying or cheating in any form.
  7. Profane or obscene language.
  8. Endorsement and/or promotion of anti-Christian philosophies or behaviors.
  9. Incendiary devices such as lighters are not allowed on the campus of NCCA.
  10. Reckless driving on campus.
  11. Intimidating or harrassing another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes: direct physical contact, such as hitting or shoving; verbal assaults such as teasing or name-calling; and social isolation or manipulation.
  12. Possession of pocket knives.

Automatic expulsion offenses carry corrective action of dismissal from NCCA. For any action that includes a violation of criminal law, the proper law enforcement authorities will be called and asked to take appropriate legal action.

  1. Possession or use of dangerous weapons on school property; use of weapons in any dispute.
  2. Stealing or attempting to steal.
  3. Deliberate destruction of church, school or personal property, or acting as an accomplice to such action.
  4. Possession, use, disbursement or sale of narcotics, alcohol or any illegal substance: possession, use or disbursement of any controlled substance without a doctor's prescription.
  5. Disbursement or sale of tobacco.
  6. Smoking or chewing tobacco on campus or at NCCA sponsored functions.
  7. Moral behavior tat defiles the the testimony of New Creation Christian Academy.
  8. Possession, use or disbursment of pornography or any vile, obscene or profane literature.
  9. Possessio use or disbursement of material devicesor products that endorse, encourage or promote immoral behavior.
  10. Sexual harrassment of any kind, including making unwlecome advances, engaging in improper physical contact, making improper sexual comments or otherwisecreating an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment.
  11. Initimidating or harrassing another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes:direct physical contact, such as hitting or shoving; verbal assaults, such as teasing or name-calling; and social isolation or manipulation.
  12. Negative or inappropriatecomments toward fellow students, teachers, staff members or the school by students or parents on any social media.

NCCA reserves the right to conduct searches of backpacks, purses, notebooks, cars, etc. in the event the Administrative Team determines the necessity of such a search.

Police K-9 on Campus

Throughout the school year the administration will bring on the NCCA campus a Police K-9 for detection of drugs. The main purpose of the searches is to deter drugs on campus. The searches are generally, but not limited to, the high school parking lot, study hall and and hallways. No dog will searchb a student. These are random unannounced searchesthrioughout the school year. If the K-9 alerts to your student's vehicle you will be contacted by an administrator. The persons present during the search will be the student, school administrator and the K-9 officer.

Student Pregnancy and Paternity

In the event that an NCCA student becomes a prospective parent, the mother and/or father are required to immediately notify the Administrator. Upon prompt notification of the Administrator, the mother and/or father will not be allowed to continue classes or represent NCCA or participate in any NCCA sponsored activities. However, in an effort to help them continue their education, the student(s) will be allowed to receive accreditation at the discretion of the Administrator. If the Administrator is not promptly notified as specified above or it becomes known that the student receives an abortion, the student will be immediately dismissed from NCCA.

The Disciplinary Process

It is the desire of NCCA to provide an environment in every class that will be conducive to a positive teaching/learning experience for all. A student is expected to conduct himself/herself properly in the classroom. A student who disrupts the learning environment will be corrected in the following way:

  1. The teacher/coach will privately talk with the student and explain the student's unacceptable behavior.
  2. If the conduct of the student does not improve, the student will be dismissed from the appropriate level of program participation to be determined by Administration. Parents will be expected to pay the balance of the program fee.


New Creation Christian Academy may ask for the withdrawal of any student whose conduct is detrimental to its reputation and good name, or more important, to the reputation of the Lord Jesus Christ. When the administrator of New Creation Christian Academy determines that a student should be separated from NCCA, the Administrator will consider the evidence and any other testimony bearing on the issue, paying special attention to the guidelines specified in the Student Handbook. The entire case will be duly documented, including such pertinent information to communicate the basis and reason for the dismissal. The case will then be forwarded to the Board for their information. Final determination in the matter of separation lies with the Administration.

Appeal Process

If a parent would like to appeal a decision, the appeal must be made in writing to the School Board of New Creation Christian Academy within five (5) business days of dismissal detailing the infraction and basis of appeal. The case will then be reviewed by the School Board and their decision will be final.

Dismissal for Other Than Disciplinary Reasons

Dismissal from NCCA can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Consistent failure to turn in work
  2. Consistent absenteeism or tardies
  3. Failure to pay bills within a 45 day period
  4. Giving false statements or misrepresentation of the student's academic and/or conduct records on the student's application



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