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As a result, our students tend to fare better in college, and their freshman year is less daunting because they are accustomed to the rigor of schedule. In fact, our students often become leaders in college campuses because they have already mastered the skills of balancing academics with extra-curricular activities.

 In addition to promoting healthier families and better preparing students for college, NCCA provides the best of both worlds for students who desire to be more involved with service projects and part-time jobs on their days off. Business owners and managers know that they can depend on NCCA students to work more flexible hours than the typical High School student is allowed, thus the students have more time to mature in responsibility and develop an honorable work ethic. Some of students use their days off to participate in various acts of service with their churches and in the community. Simply put, our students have more time to grow as Christian leaders and servants in the community.

In my opinion, the best part of NCCA is that we aren’t just a great school, we are a great family. Nothing makes my day like getting a phone call or an email from a former student who is just “checking in” – almost like he or she is “calling home.” At NCCA, we work, dream, pray, laugh, and learn together. In our short 14 years, we have influenced and molded lives for eternity, and we pray that we will have the blessing of doing so for many more years to come. Please take a while to get to know us better – we hope you will consider becoming a part of our family, and we welcome you with open arms.


Judy Foster


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