Athletics Eligibility

Athletic Forms


NCCA offers a wide variety of high school athletics. We are a member of the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA).

A packet of forms are available on the website,  from the athletic office or school office and must be completed and returned before students are eligible to participate in any athletic practices or games.


NCCA athletes must be academically eligible to participate in our athletic program. With the exception of full-time NCCA students, atletes must submit grades and sample course work each quarter for all classes to insure that they are eligible to play.

To be academically eligible to participate, a student must:

1. To be eligible to participate, practice and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible.

2. Students must take three full-time classes at NCCA to be considered as a full-time enrolled student. If only taking three classes, he./she must be passing all three classes to be eligible to play. If a student is taking four or more classes, he/she can only fail one class in order to remain eligible to participate.

3. If a student is not eligible after the first semster, he/she may be allowed to become eligible after the third nine weeks of the second semester.

4. A student must be taking the appropriate number of subjects each year to be on track to graduate in four years from the school or homeschool program.

5. Summer school credits are limited to two credits. cases wih extreme circumstances can be appealed to the Dispute Committee and this rule will not have any affect on credits schools count towards graduation.

Transfer Eligibility

1. A student who transfers from one GICAA member school to another GICAA member school without a legitimate move is ineligible for interscholastic participation for one full calendar year.

2. Any move that is not legitimate and is made for the purpose for creating eligibility will be considered illegal. The student will be ineligible at any GICAA school for a period of one calendar year unless there are extenuating circumstances in which case the Dispute Committee would have to rule.

3. A legitimate move is defined as the following: The family of the student moves closer to the school to which they are transferring than they were to the previously enrolled school. The new residence must be nearer to the school to which they are transferring than the residence was.

4. If a parent is a full-time employee of a GICAA member school and changes schools as a coach or a full-time employee, then the child of the employee can compete at the new school school without losing eligibility. (Full-time employee is considered 20 or more work hours per week.)

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