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    Health and Safety Measures

    At NCCA we are taking the safety of our students and families very seriously as we always have. 
    • New signage is up around our campus to remind students and visitors things to do in order to help mitigate the spread of germs.
    • Students and visitors are required to check-in and have their temperature checked prior to entering the school (if a fever (99.5 or higher with our no-touch digital thermometer) is detected that individual will be isolated until they can be picked up).
    • Students and visitors who have a fever (or any other symptoms of COVID-19 ) or feel ill need to stay home.
    • Desks will be facing the same direction in each classroom.
    • Students will need to bring water bottles from home as water fountains are closed.
    • No touch, hand sanitizing stations are posted at entrances and various locations within the school.
    • We will be reinforcing hand washing, covering coughs, and not touching faces with students.
    • Students will be discouraged from sharing books, materials, supplies, and/or equipment.
    • Various areas including high school classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
    • Students and/or teachers may wear a mask.  Masks must be solid color without any patterns or words. 
    • Protocols are in place per the Georgia Department of Education and the CDC guidelines, should a student become ill during the school day.(guidelines as of 12/02/2020)
    Temperature Checks
    • Checks will be done within the building by office personnel.  If a student has a fever(99.5 or higher with our no-touch digital thermometer), they will be escorted to the office to call parents and then be isolated (100 building conference room or 200 building room behind Merry’s office) until a parent arrives. The office personnel should record the temperature reading in the appropriate log and record the date. 
    • Students who arrive after 8AM will need to check-in with the office prior to heading to class.
    • If a child begins to feel ill while in the classroom:
      • The teacher should send the student to the office for evaluation. 
      • Office personnel should take the student’s temperature.  If the student has a fever, the parents will be called, the student will be isolated, as stated above, the classroom cleared and disinfected.  The students may return to the classroom following the guidance of their teacher. 
      • The isolated student will be monitored until parents arrive. 

    Thank you and we, like you, are praying for the safety of everyone. 

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