Class Supply Lists

Please click on the name of the class to see the list of needed supplies. You may print the list if you wish, or save it to your computer.  


Kindergarten Supplies - Melissa Green

1st Grade Supplies - Melissa Green

4th & 5th Grade Supplies - Karen Pangburn

6th Grade Academy - Julie Haraway

6th Grade Math - Winn Skipper

7th Grade Academy - Lisa Navarro

8th Grade Academy - Pam Wiese

Advanced Math - Bonnie Gardner

Algebra I - Angelica Pichardo

Algebra II - Amy Houseworth

Algebra II AT - Angelica Pichardo

Algebra II Honors - Amy Houseworth

Algebra III - Angelica Pichardo

American Literature - Sheri McClelland

Anatomy Honors - Jane Bailey

AP American History - Elise Barrett

AP Calculus - Bonnie Gardner

AP English - Annie Smith

AP Government/Economics - Elise Barrett

Astronomy/Geology - Jane Bailey

Biology - Jane Bailey

British Literature - Annie Smith

College Algebra - Amy Houseworth

English I - Sheri McClelland

English I & II AT - Sheri McClelland

English II - Dorothy Byrom

English III & IV AT - Annie Smith

Environmental Science - Lee Kirk 

General Chemistry - Lee Kirk

Geometry - Diana Hyatt

Girls' Bible 9/10 - Winn Skipper

Girls' Bible 11/12 - Winn Skipper

Girls' Health - Lakadia Gilliam

High School Theater Arts - Annie Smith

High School Foreign Language - Julie Hubener

Honors Chemistry - Lee Kirk

Math 8/7 - Diana Hyatt

Middle School Foreign Language - Julie Hubener

Personal Finance - Diana Hyatt

Physical Science - Lee Kirk

Physics - Bob Jones

Pre-Algebra - Pam Wiese

SAT Math - Amy Houseworth

SAT Writing - Dorothy Byrom

Sign Language - Dee White

Team Sports - Lakadia Gilliam

Weightlifting - Lakadia Gilliam

World Geography - Elise Barrett

Yearbook & Photography - Amy Houseworth

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